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Kolbe Typewriter Sticker

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This sticker was inspired by St. Maximilion Kolbe.

Who was Kolbe? Maximilian Kolbe was a priest who gave his life for another man in the concentration camps of Poland during WWII. Whenever a prisoner escaped the concentration camp of Auschwitz, the Nazis would punish the inmates by randomly killing ten of them. During one of these random selections the Nazi guard chose a man who immediately dropped to his knees begging for his life for the sake of returning to his wife and family. The soldier paid no heed to this request until Kolbe stepped out of line and volunteered his life in place of the other man. The guards agreed and took the life of Kolbe in place of the other man. The man whose life Kolbe saved, survived the concentration camps and made it home to his family. He was in attendance along with his family at the Vatican City when Maximilian Kolbe was made a saint.

So what's the deal with the typewriter? Maximilian Kolbe was a revolutionary in the Church at that time because he used the typewriter to evangelize. During a time when people demonized the media of the typewriter, he used it for God's glory. His Auschwitz prisoner numbers were "16670", which is why those digits are the ones typed onto the typewriter on the pocket.

May his sacrifice and legacy live on...

Size is 3" x  3"

Kolbe Typewriter Sticker