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Apostol De California Sticker


Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo is the final resting place of St. Junipero Serra. On his grave you’ll find the simple words, “Apostol de California.” This man gave his life to the Lord and to the mission of serving California.


Have you ever asked God, “what is my ‘Apostol de’?” What is MY mission? What am I called to be an apostle of? Am I giving myself fully to that?


At one time, the mission in Carmel laid in shambles. Cows grazed on the land that he worked so hard to build up. It’s rebuilt now, but he never got to see that. We may never know how the Lord will use what we have built (or how He may allow it to crumble), but we can go where we are called and trust that He can even use our grave as the foundation and fertilizer for something new. What is your “Apostol de”?

Apostol De California Sticker