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Pazzo D'Amore Sticker


A shepherd leaving its flock of 99 to go out and find the one missing sheep — CRAZY. A father welcoming his son home with a party after he ran away and squandered his entire inheritance — CRAZY. A Savior, hanging crucified, begging his Father for forgiveness for the people persecuting him — CRAZY.

St. Catherine of Siena, an Italian saint, describes how God is "crazy in love" with us and pursues us relentlessly; His love surpasses all boundaries, it doesn't make sense, and it's certainly not earned. God offers his love so completely from the cross to the altar and everything in between. He is unrestrained in His love for us.

Made in His image, the more we allow this love to permeate into our hearts, the more we can be a vessel for His love to change the world.

Pazzo D'Amore Sticker