The story begins with a vibrant Paradox. 

We like Paradoxes so much, it was actually the original name of our company. If you were here from the very beginning, you might know Paradigm was actually originally called "Paradox." We have been captivated by the way Jesus so often brings together two seemingly mutually exclusive people, things, circumstances, you name it. 

He doesn't take away their natural identity, He doesn't blur the lines between them. In fact, the two remain as resolute as ever. So much so that people would ACTIVELY try to trap and trick Him into admitting faulty reasoning. 

Part of the problem was that people were trying to understand the details without knowing the whole story. Jesus has a way of making the big picture small and the small details BIG. 

Jesus Himself is a walking paradox. He's not either God OR man. He's Both&. 

He is a union of contraries. 


G.K. Chesterton once said that Catholicism keeps its beliefs "side by side like two strong colors, red and white...It has always had a healthy hatred of pink.”

Bishop Barron writes about this union of contraries in his book, Vibrant Paradoxes. He brings together themes and motifs that you'd normally think couldn't coexist. Or maybe they could, but they'd be awkward and tense at best. Things like grace and nature, faith and reason, Scripture and tradition, body and soul.  Catholicism doesn't water down either in order to fit them into some grand narrative. Rather, the Church takes what is true and puts it in the context of the bigger picture of the Incarnation. 

And when you look at these seemingly opposing forces through the lens of Jesus Christ and you make a Paradigm shift -- if you will ;) -- everything comes together and you realize it was never either/or. 

It was always Both&. 


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